• Selected Portfolio companies

    We have invested in over 70 mobile internet and AI companies, a selected example of our invested companies include:

    Musical.ly: pioneer and leader in short music video platform, was acquired by Byte Dance at 1 billion dollar valuation in 2017, and rebranded as Tik Tok.

    Orbeus: A pioneer and leader in face recognition technology, acquired by Amazon in 2015.

    Agora: Developed an industry leading global real-time communication framework that serves over 10 billion minutes a month real-time video, audio, and live interactive broadcasting, through it 500 million SDK installs

    Peloton: A Silicon Valley based vehicle automation company, bringing new levels of safety, efficiency, & analytics to freight trucking

    Ginkgo Bioworks: A leading organism company, design custom microbes for customers across multiple markets, through organism engineering using software and hardware automation.

    SXL.CN (strikingly): A free web site building tool, that enable user to quickly build web sites without design and coding skills.

    Mattermost: Open source, private cloud alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging solutions like Slack.